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Sam Salim

Sam Salim

Protection Team Leader

I joined Alexander Hall in 2018, having previously worked at a Protection only brokerage, where employees called through web sourced leads. In comparison, working at Alexander Hall is a real contrast due to the fact I am speaking to well qualified, live leads referred by the mortgage advisers. The process for leads being passed to me is slick and well-established (having been in place for many years) and fully supported by everyone including senior management.

As an experienced hire, what stood out the most to me was how my induction and training was tailor made to my needs, ensuring I was able to hit the ground running as quickly as possible. My career has gone from strength to strength and I have been given the opportunity throughout my time at Alexander Hall to develop as an adviser and also to gain a range of valuable skills such as training others and public speaking.

A Protection Adviser’s day is made up of:

• Calling out on fresh referrals or revisiting previous clients.

• Building rapport with mortgage advisers, who will mention the protection adviser throughout the customer journey before personally doing a client handover. The protection advisers are encouraged to build close bonds with their assigned mortgage advisers and the relationship is seen as collaborative.

• Engaging with Case Managers who support the chasing of clients and protection providers from submission onwards. Thankfully due to how our process is set up, we do not need to do the Medical Underwriting calls ourselves which really improves our productivity.

• Conducting appointments virtually, on the phone or in person at times which work best for you and the client.

• Putting client files together with the support of first class technology and a supportive Compliance department.

Alexander Hall’s exceptional culture is demonstrated from top to bottom and I do feel that I am part of something special, which is hard to find across the industry. Everyone that works here takes pride in creating a healthy, happy and extremely productive working environment, where success is acknowledged and rewarded and celebrated by everyone within the company on a regular basis. I’m glad I made the move when I did and now as the Team Leader I take pride in ensuring those who join my team have the same opportunity to successfully achieve their personal aspirations, as I did.

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