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Offshore mortgages

An 'offshore mortgage' is the term used to describe lending for clients living overseas (both UK ex-pats and non-UK citizens alike), seeking to purchase or remortgage a property within the UK.

Typically, offshore mortgages will be appropriate for clients whose main income comes from outside the UK or they are not resident in the UK for tax purposes. This can include ex-pat mortgages, which are designed specifically for UK nationals residing overseas.

Purpose of property

Offshore mortgages are available for clients seeking to purchase a residential property in the UK, which is to be used by themselves and/or their direct family when travelling to the UK. There are also options for clients seeking to purchase an investment property to let out.

Some clients seek to purchase investment properties in their personal names and others within a limited company structure (either a UK limited company or an offshore company). We are able to assist with mortgage options in most cases.

How can Alexander Hall help with overseas mortgages?

Alexander Hall is well placed to find the best offshore mortgage for you. We have a wealth of experience dealing with international mortgages and relationships with a number of offshore lenders and private banks with offshore operations.

Tax advice

You should always seek independent tax advice from an accountant or tax specialist before proceeding with an offshore mortgage, especially if purchasing a buy-to-let property.

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