Diversity and Inclusion at Alexander Hall

Diversity in the workplace is about reflecting β€œthe range of human differences within a company including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, identity, sexual orientation, age and social class.”

Inclusion is β€œthe act of making a person part of a group, when each member is afforded the same rights and opportunities.”

It has a direct impact on whether people feel a sense of belonging, feel heard, and feel safe to express themselves authentically.

The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce are plentiful, but the three which resonate with us at Alexander Hall are firstly that companies will employ more dynamic practises to attract and retain a wider range of talent; secondly, workforces will better reflect the communities they operate in, and lastly that companies will be more capable of positively engaging with a wider customer base.

Alexander Hall is a culture-driven business based on the values of hard work, integrity and collaboration. Employees are hired on their ability to express our values and our leaders are those who can best exemplify these values to others.

One major challenge for businesses within Financial Services is attracting people from a wider pool of talent. To achieve this, we are involved in a number of initiatives which help to attract a wider range of talent to both the wider industry and to Alexander Hall specifically:

  • We work closely with an internal group-wide network, formed in order to help its members who are predominantly of African and Afro Caribbean descent share ideas, develop their skills and become better candidates for career opportunities. Events have included working with a range of high-profile guests, as well as participation with organisations such as The Africa Centre in Southwark and the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton.
  • We also work closely with an LGBTQ+ network. Events have included representation at Pride marches, as well as arranging a variety of events, including talks and panel discussions.
  • We have set up an initiative called Inspire50 within Alexander Hall to attract and retain more female talent. Stephanie Daley - one of our directors - acts as Executive Chair. The programme of events allows members to have greater access to a roster of predominately-female business leaders from across Financial Services, with the view to learning from their career highs and lows.
  • We are proud to be part of the network of schools and employers built by social-mobility charity, Career Ready, to give young people the experience and insight they need to kick-start their futures. Through this programme, we volunteer for internship, mentoring and masterclasses for young people facing barriers to their career or education.
  • Alexander Hall is also a proud member of the Diversity in Finance Forum and plays an active role in creating a more equitable mortgage sector at all levels.
  • Alexander Hall has contributed to the Association of Intermediaries (AMI)'s important report on Diversity, Inclusion & Equity in the sector in 2021, providing qualitative and quantitative research based on the views of 1,178 mortgage professionals to drive cultural change within the sector.

The best way for businesses to make a difference is to ensure D&I is a key part of their company's strategy. Within Alexander Hall, our various D&I initiatives have successfully created an environment which celebrates difference. Our last employee engagement survey highlighted our employees are 16% happier and more engaged than the UK average.

We are successfully attracting new team members from a wider pool of talent, thanks to our inclusive, progressive company culture and working environment. This, in turn, means that our workforce more accurately reflects the multicultural communities we work in, and is therefore better able to connect with a broader range of customers and provide the best possible service to each.

Exemplifying the values of diversity and inclusivity as a company means doing what is best for our own people, as well as for the people we provide a service to - a core value for us here at Alexander Hall, and one that always proves to be best for business as well.

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