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Why should you use a protection adviser?


If you are after insurance, it pays to speak to an adviser rather than rely on comparison websites. Our Protection Team Leader, Hatice Karadal, explains.

If you’re thinking of buying an insurance policy to protect your home and loved ones, you’ll want to know as much as possible about the insurer and the different types of cover to make sure you’re making the best choice.

Arranging cover online can often be overwhelming when you don’t know the differences between the options. This is why you should consider talking to a protection adviser instead.

We are experts in the market, constantly researching new updates on each policy, and we can often find you better cover at a great price.

Advantages of using an adviser

Many people turn to comparison sites to look for the cheapest insurance and are unaware of the consequences of getting the wrong type of cover. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll usually be offered fairly generic polices.

If you want a policy that meets your individual circumstances, it is always a good idea to seek expert advice. Unlike comparison sites, an adviser can give you guidance on the products that best suit your needs and discuss options within your budget.

Here are a few reasons why going to an adviser for your protection may be the best choice. We believe going to a protection adviser will help you to:

  • Understand your options better: Insurers won’t always offer you every type of cover when you go directly to them. Advisers can help point out the types of cover available from the insurers and help you to work out what you need.
  • Obtain the correct cover: An adviser will ask you about your personal circumstances to find you the right policy. We will also be able to tell you if you’re already covered by your existing insurance policies so your covers do not overlap, and we will often get you a good deal by comparing prices and product features. We can also be more flexible on price than comparison sites.
  • Receive specialist advice: On comparison sites you might not find cover for an area you need cover for – like income protection – that needs to be tailored to suit your needs, or a critical illness policy if you have a specific medical condition.
  • More easily complete the medical underwriting process: Everyone is medically underwritten for insurance. This means that on application you’ll be asked a series of medical questions to determine your health and the level of risk you present to the insurer; and sometimes insurers require further medical evidence in the form of a GP report or a medical exam. This is where having an adviser is useful, as we can guide you on the best provider for you given your disclosures. We can also manage your expectations on time frames and the potential outcome if it is something that may affect what you are offered (an exclusion, or an increased premium for example).

How to get the advice you need

It’s important to get the advice you need when considering protection for your mortgage and loved ones. This includes talking with an expert about the providers that are available to you based on your health and circumstances – this is crucial to getting the process right and to choosing the right policies.

My team and I are on hand to answer your questions and queries. Feel free to contact me on: Hatice.Karadal@alexanderhall.co.uk to discuss any of the points raised, or visit www.alexanderhall.co.uk.

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