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Calculate your monthly mortgage payments for both repayment and interest-only mortgages.

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How to calculate mortgage repayments?

This online mortgage calculator displays monthly repayments based on the amount of money borrowed (mortgage loan), the number of years borrowed over (mortgage term) and the interest rate.

What is the difference between Interest Only mortgage and Repayment mortgage monthly payments?

This mortgage calculator will show the difference in monthly payments between Interest Only and Repayment mortgages. If you have a flexible mortgage that allows overpayments you can also see how much you could save by paying extra each month.

How much money could I save by overpaying on my mortgage?

You can use this online mortgage calculator to calculate how much money you could save each month by making overpayments on your mortgage each month. Even small amounts can make significant savings on your mortgage which can be seen in the overpayments graph provided. Please check your mortgage conditions carefully before making overpayments.