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Pooja Kumar

Mortgage Adviser

After completing my A levels, I took a gap year and decided to work for a Sales and Marketing firm. I learnt a lot about working with different types of customers and enjoyed working as a team. It was in this role that I realised I wanted to work in a customer engaging role as I enjoyed helping others. After this, I enrolled into university to study Economics for 3 years and developed my interest in the financial sector.

As a new graduate, I wanted to find a role which involved working with numbers, problem solving and teamwork. That’s when I came across the Alexander Hall training programme and knew this was an opportunity that I wanted to take.

I began training as a Client Services Adviser where I learnt the ins and outs of the business. Whilst doing this, I studied for my CeMAP qualification, which Alexander Hall paid for. The training and skills I gained from this prepared me for the adviser role. And, whilst in the adviser role, the ongoing training ensures my skills are constantly honed to the range of lead opportunities I am provided with on a daily basis.

I enjoy how the role constantly challenges me to think dynamically, be organised and be creative in finding solutions for my client’s needs. It is especially gratifying to see them come back for repeat business or refer their friends and family to me.

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