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Best remortgage deals and remortage rates

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Best-buy remortgages

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    1. HSBC mortgage
    2. Initial rate: 1.24% £999
    3. Fixed Until 30/09/2019
      Up to 80% LTV
    4. Reverting to 3.69%
    5. The overall cost for comparison: 3.4% APRC
    6. Early repayment charges: 2% until 30-09-18, 1% until 30-09-19
    7. Call 08000 38 37 36 or submit an enquiry.

Representative Example

For example, on a repayment mortgage of £360,000 over a term of 27 years on an interest rate of 1.89%, the initial monthly payment would be £1,420 the total mortgage application fees would be £1,758, the total cost of the loan would be £568,088 and the APRC would be 3.6%.

The above example is representative of a typical product that would be available to at least 51% of AHA clients who proceed with a residential mortgage application. It is based upon our data from actual mortgage applications arranged by Alexander Hall during the 3 months to March 2017.

The actual rates and products available to you will depend on your individual preferences, needs and circumstances and our expert Mortgage Advisers can assist you further.

This is just a selection of remortgage deals we have chosen today. We can search across all UK mortgage lenders and companies to find the best remortgage deal for you. Call 08000 38 37 36 to speak to one of our remortgage brokers now.

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