A day in the life of a Mortgage Adviser

Working as a Mortgage Adviser your day is dictated by your diary. At Alexander Hall a regular daily routine sits alongside frequent client appointments.

Today the day begins at 8am with a client meeting. On this occasion it's a first time buyer who wants to learn more about their borrowing power and gain a better understanding of the mortgage process. They have already started looking for a property via Foxtons and are hopeful of finding the right place soon. After completing a full fact find, you discuss a variety of options and recommend the best mortgage for their situation. To conclude the meeting you ensure your client has a full understanding of the insurance products that you have recommended and proceed with an Agreement in Principle (AIP). It's a positive start to the day and you feel confident that they will want to proceed quickly.

By 9am everyone is in the office and the atmosphere is buzzing. Everyone spends the first hour of the day calling the clients in their 'not yet found' pipeline in order to maintain contact and to find out how their property searches are progressing. This also puts you in touch with a couple of clients who are ready to come back for their second appointment in order to finalise their mortgage application. Regular contact with your clients is essential in this role because failure to be proactive might persuade these clients to go with another mortgage firm instead.

For the remainder of the morning you will have time to research and prepare for your lunchtime appointment. It's another first stage interview so the appointment has been scheduled by the Client Services team - the first point of contact for all Alexander Hall's clients. A Client Services Adviser always qualifies a client's situation, but confirming an appointment with the client personally is always a great opportunity to introduce yourself and clarify any notes that the Client Services Adviser has made for you. Following a personal call to your client, it appears that they have just made an offer on a property so their needs are more urgent than you had been expecting. The appointment goes well but you have to move quickly - your clients are in a race to book a survey and are desperate not to lose out.

Your afternoon, between 2pm-4pm, is always dedicated to administration - processing applications and responding to any queries on existing cases that have been raised by the Mortgage Administration team. Today the priority is to submit the case from your lunchtime appointment. It's an online process but you call the Business Development Manager from the Mortgage Lender to clarify a number of points to ensure that there is no delay. You have also recommended life cover, critical illness protection and income protection to your client and all the application forms need to be processed - there is plenty to get on with.

You also make time to speak to your clients that are visiting you at 6pm. It's a second and final interview so you must ensure all application forms for the products you discussed at the first stage are printed out and prepared. The signing up process can be longwinded but the more thorough you are at this stage the fewer problems there are later down the line. By 7pm the appointment has finished and it's time to go home. Tomorrow you are going to spend the morning in one of the Foxtons' offices in order to generate more leads.